This page is dedicated to my Sweetheart, Companion and my wife of 37 years. The Love and Respect I have for her is beyond expectation.

She has always been there in support of me and to help keep our marriage together regardless of what ever obstacle there was before us. We crossed many together.

She has worked hard at everything she has set out to do, to be the best and has inspired many.

Life for of us has been dealt many challenges as all our generation is going through. Some have managed to survive and many have not. Through prayer, trusting in the Lord and medication we are thankful to see yet another day together. 

My wife is the third best thing that ever happened to me, the first was accepting the Lord as my Savior, the second was making the military my career and last but not least is having her as my wife.

Yobo this song represent the Love I have for you.

I will always Love Your YOBO

Picture taken in 1985
Wonderful Wonderful
Me & Heidi the 2nd
Michelle 01/05/90 - 09/11/03 - Big Heidi 11/14/84 - 10/11/96